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Taxidermy Tips

Central Wisconsin Taxidermist specializing in Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Bear, Goose, Duck, Fish (Walleye, Musky, Northern), Elk, Moose and more. Call 715-630-4059.

Bow Hunting Season Is Just Around The Corner

Jim Jaggar


With the Wisconsin bow and bear season fast approaching. Who are you going to trust to preserve those memories of the hunt. The guy who is the cheapest, or the professional with years of experience who uses tried and proven techniques to preserve those memories. You've worked hard to earn that Trophy so trust it to the professional at Trophy Room Taxidermy. I look forward to preserving your next memory of the hunt. I hope to see you soon. Good luck Wisconsin hunters and be safe out there this year!!!!

Jim Jaggar

I would like to invite everyone to the Wisconsin Taxidermy Associations State competition this Saturday February 25th. The competition show room will be open for public viewing from 11:00 am till 3:00 pm at the Holiday In and Convention Center in Stevens Point . For only $5.00 you can see some of the states best taxidermy works of art, so if your looking for something to do this weekend, come on down and check it out!!!!

Saving your fish to be mounted

Jim Jaggar


For people wanting to bring in fish, here's how to freeze fish for best freshness. For small fish such as blue gills, perch and crappie, freezing them in a gallon size ziplock with water to make a solid block of ice will prevent freezer burn for years. Freezing larger fish for taxidermy works best if the fish is wrapped in a towel soaked in water and then put in a plastic bag. Squeezing as much air out as possible. To protect the tail, it should be sandwiched between two peaces of cardboard. A fish frozen in this way will last up to 6 months and in some cases up to a year. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me at 715-630-4059 and I would be happy to talk to you about freezing fish for Taxidermy.

Merry Christmas from Trophy Room Taxidermy

Jim Jaggar


Trophy Room Taxidermy would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! A special thanks to all of my customers who have made this a great year for Trophy Room Taxidermy. I look forward to creating works of wildlife art for all of Wisconsin's sportsmen and women in the upcoming year.

Good Luck Wisconsin Deer Hunters - STAY SAFE!!

Jim Jaggar

Good luck to all who venture out to the woods for the 2016 gun deer Season this weekend. Remember if you are planning to mount that trophy, get it to your taxidermist as soon as possible. Even Heads you plan on turning into European mounts. Note I charge a 20% extra charge for rotten meat!!! It's greatly appreciated if you bring them in fresh. Thanks, good luck and have a safe hunt!!!!!

Capping for a shoulder Mount

Jim Jaggar

With a sharp knife slit the hide circling the body behind the shoulder at approximately the mid-way point of the rib cage behind the front legs. Slit the skin around the legs just above the knees. An additional slit will be needed from the back of the legs (Figure 2A and 2B). Peel the skin forward up to the ears and jaw exposing the head/neck junction(Figure 3). Cut into the neck approximately three inches down from this junction, circle the neck cutting down to the spinal column. After this cut is complete, grasp the antler bases and twist the head off the neck. This should allow the hide to be rolled up and put in a freezer until transported to the taxidermist. These cuts should allow ample hide fro the taxidermist to work with mounting. Remember, the taxidermist can cut off excess hide but can't add what he doesn't have. Note: When field dressing a trophy to be mounted, don't cut into the brisket (chest) or neck area if blood gets on the hide to be mounted, wash it off with snow or water as soon as possible. Also avoid dragging the deer out of the woods with a rope. Place it on a sled, rickshaw, or 4-wheeler. The rope, rocks or a broken branch from a deadfall can easily damage the fur or puncture the hide. If you need to drag it out with a rope, attach the rope to the base of the antlers and drag your trophy carefully.